Inspired from Parijaat

INSPIRED FROM PARIJAATIn the field of social work, we can see Indira Ranamagar as a discovery and inspired by Parijaat. She has taken the responsibility to educate and to provide a safe children hood of 32 helpless children, whose parents are incarcerated in the prisons of Nepal. At times, she distributes fruits and clothes to the prisoners. The founder of Prisoner’s Assistance Nepal (PA Nepal), Indira Rana Magar says,” The happiness of being called a mother by the helpless and innocent children is not comparable to any riches of the world. She has called various other organizations to help her achieve her goal. The change is possible if we start helping each other selflessly and renounce the feeling of dominating one another.

She has a huge desire of integrating the prisoners by way of literacy programs, but the financial problem is creating a huge obstacle to fulfill her desire. She has no other source of income and is totally dependent on personal patronage. Organizations like Sentinel and Answer helped her with the upbringing of her children, however, the support is still not enough.

Indira Ranamagar with Children

Indira has paid a huge price by choosing social service as her career. There was a time when she had to choose between her children and her loving husband. She took the decision wisely, divorced her husband, and continued her path in the social service. Her marriage life could not work well because of the misunderstanding between her and her husband and the reason was her work. She felt that her mission of helping the prisoners and their children in danger and the increasing misunderstanding contributed to her separation from her husband. She says,’’ Now, there will only be prisoners’ children in my life”. She also has her own daughter Subani and gets a similar treatment like other rescued children from her Mother.

She is continuing her work with the inspiration from the words of her mentor, Parijaat. a lot of certificates of appreciation have stockpiled her living room. Prisoners fully trust her now. She helps the cIndira Ranamagar with Kidshildren who do not have any other alternatives. All the children in her children’s home are from outside of the Kathmandu valley. She routinely takes the children to the prison to see their parents. In her children’s home, those women who have gone through the bad days of their life are working as employees.

Rescued children have completely forgotten their families and are happy in the children’s home. Sukalal from Dolakha District lost his mother at a very young age and to make the matter worse, his father was also imprisoned. Indira rescued him and supported him. Sukalal says,’ I have found my mother again”. He is only an example. Indira has helped many other children and transformed their life. Another example is Bishal Basnet, a resident of Okhaldhunga, who also lost his mother at an early age and became an orphan after his father was incarcerated in the prison. Now Indira is his only parent.

Jagat Dholi from Accham also has a similar story. He does not remember, when exactly he got there in the children’s home. A lot of other children, who are dependent upon Indira, share a similar story like Bishal and Jagat. Mahesh B.K. with HIV was rescued from prison when he was very young. His mother was also HIV affected, and he got this disease from his birth. He was in such a condition that nurses also did not want to touch him. he was given the time for three days to live alive by doctors, but after Indira rescued him, he lived for six months.

Providing Cycles School

Now in her fifties, social activist, Indira believes that the social service does not have a time limit and a fixed destination. You can start serving mankind at any time. As compared to other so-called social activists, who make money in the name of social service, Indira has a tough and inspirational journey in the field of social service.

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